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ReverbNation Widget Hits

ReverbNation is the top music site for independent artists.  ReverbNation offers a chart ranking system based off of their proprietary Band Equity system.  One of the many tools used to increase an artist's Band Equity score is the placement of custom widgets.  Kadiron Solutions can increase your widget hits and help you raise your Band Equity score and your chart ranking. 

ReverbNation has a cap system that limits the number of widget hits that can count towards your Band Equity in a fourteen day period. Widget hits are delivered at a measured rate to prevent loss of value due to the cap system.  Pease Note: Widget hits do not require direct access to your ReverbNation account; all we need is the URL of your artist page to get your widgets placed and running. 

ReverbNation Account Management

Some artists would like additional help managing their accounts.  Our Account Management option can help you rise quickly through the charts.  We can increase your fan base and boost the number of song and video plays you receive daily, as well as increasing traffic to your artist page.



Before Kadiron Solutions                                   With Kadiron Solutions

In the example above, after 60 days with Kadiron Solutions the artist has tripled his fan base, has increased his song plays by almost 14,000 plays along with almost 15,000 video plays.  This artist was ranked approximately 360,000th on the Global (All Genres) Chart when we first started working with him.  He is currently in the Top 400 on that same chart.  He is ranked number 1 for his local genre chart, and is in the Top 5 for his genre nationally and top 10 globally.  We can not guarantee that you will reach those same chart rankings with our service, as some genres are much more competitive than others, but we can guarantee that most artists will see a marked rise in their chart rankings almost immediately, with sustained growth over the long term.

The Account Management option does require password access to your ReverbNation account, however you retain full access and control to your account as well.  You are free to change your password/login information at any time, but you must understand that doing so will prevent us from continuing to manage your presence on ReverbNation.  Account Management does not prevent you from making changes to your account at any time (i.e. adding/removing songs/videos, posting status or blog updates, adding new pictures, etc).  Our specific focus is to increase your fan base and maximize your presence on the site.

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Account Management Subscription Options

Due to popular request, we now also offer a subscription option for our 1-Year Account Management package.  This subscription package will bill to your PayPal account monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.  This is an exciting new venture for us, as for the first time we are offering a service that will allow us to manage multiple aspects of your social media presence.  We can help you develop your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Android App, MusicOne account, and much, much more. 

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